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You Can Cook

< Project Details >

I was brought on to overhaul the company's online presence, as their website hadn't received a significant update for over a decade.

My given brief was to completely reinvent the visual style from the ground up, in keeping with the organisation's ethos and identity. As well as streamlining content and providing a far more cohesive user experience.

< Design Process >

I started off with a review of the old website first, going over the structure and content while deciding which elements to carry over or depreciate. After finishing the process, I decided to make the following summary of changes:

  • I cut unnecessary legalese.
  • I depreciated outdated information.
  • I made information far more visual than before with stronger colours and more, higher-quality images.
  • I made certain sections stand out far more with their own dedicated page spots and enhanced the visual impact of text-heavy elements such as testimonials.
  • I built a brand-new interface for viewing historic press articles.
  • I depreciated the former 'News and Events' section and displayed all social media links prominently on every page.
  • I rebranded the 'Food and Health' page to 'Resources’ instead and consolidated all useful information here.
  • I redid the contact page with a brand-new contact form with PHP and HTML verification.

< Languages/Frameworks Used >

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery

< Attributions >

  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome
  • Ajax
  • Lightbox
  • CSS Gradient Animator by Ian Forrest