Changelog/Version History:


  • -added boilerplate code
  • -settled on colour scheme and overall theme (Text editor mixed with a 80s-esque appearance)
  • -created 'home', 'about' and 'projects' pages
  • -created/linked stylesheet and scripts
  • -added CSS reset -Imported relevant fonts
  • -created animated, minimalist burger menu
  • -created 4 pages; index, about, projects and contact
  • -Created pre-set rulesets w/ media queries for content compatibility
  • -added social media links -added profile picture -added link to YCC (completed project)
  • -added overlay on hover with a language summary
  • -added glow on link hover to distinguish the two hover states
  • -added contact section


  • -added about me blurb to about page
  • -added coloured skill bars
  • -added projects page
  • -removed contact page as a standalone option. Isolated it to the home page
  • -added modal box for the contact form -added button animations on hover
  • -created dedicated email address


  • -added project details section
  • -added company logo -added design process section
  • -added languages/frameworks section -added attributions section
  • -added colour contrast to make text more readable


  • -Added Siteground affiliate banner to site
  • -Added animations to skill bars
  • -Added subtle glow animation to menu to catch user's eyes
  • -Added typewriter animation to introductory text
  • -Added blink animation to command line-esque links
  • -added specific colours/fonts for call-to-action words
  • -added hover animations to menu links


  • -Inserted testimonial content
  • -Added version number counter in the top left corner with a link to this very README
  • -Updated likes/dislikes section -added box shadow on hover for social icons
  • -updated profile picture
  • -added box shadow effect to profile picture


  • -Fixed ::before/after pseudo element mark-up
  • -Added additional styling for headings (greater-than and lesser-than symbols)
  • -Added ::before pseudo element styling to list items on projects page
  • -Replaced literal mark-up for testimonial quotations with pseudo elements
  • -Implemented first pass for php mailer function
  • -Implemented first pass for Google reCAPTCHA
  • -Shortened start-up timings for modal transitions


  • -Added WIP class type
  • -Implemented second pass for reCAPTCHA
  • -Added Udraw svg assets to about page
  • -Redrafted written content of the 'about me' section
  • -Added affiliate.html boilerplate
  • -Added affiliate link and icon to menu
  • -Added text containers for about page


  • -Fixed animation issue on smaller viewports
  • -Improved security for targeted links
  • -Redesigned text backgrounds on about page
  • -Reduced intensity of colours on about page
  • -Checked off all head tasks
  • -Checked off all image tasks
  • -Checked off all webfont tasks
  • -Checked off all performance tasks


  • -Added missing aria labels for accessibility
  • -Completed Google site verification
  • -Added description of steps after sending me a message
  • -Activated Cloudflare
  • -Removed silver/bronze glow animations
  • -Added skill bar for SASS
  • -Added error pages (404 and 500)
  • -Checked off all html tasks